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How could I make this better/more cool?

Guest Neubeatz

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Bigger badder beats that go dysfunktional occasionally as opposed to the regular breakdown stylee

Slightly less busy bass synths....more empasis on the gaps in the sequences

Less synth sounds from the early 90s

The progressions are great and the second half of 3034 is super cheeze on toast!!!!

Look less happy in your photo (that really freaked me out....didnt recognise you )

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Guest Neubeatz

OK guys, good points.:)

I have changed the text and uploaded a new tune,(NuGuru) There is no facility to remove a track once its on download.com.(yet)

Some of the "download.com" agreement clauses are a bit vague, so I'm still thinking in "beta" until they get things a bit clearer.

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