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Drummer searching for band/ people looking to form a band


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Hey, thought my other thread was lacking in specific information.

Drummer (obviously) looking for a band, preferably rock but dont want to be too specific.

Played for drums about 6/7 years now, played in bands for about 3.

Aged 16 (17 in 2 months) but age does not matter (for me)

Main Influences include;Zeppelin,Deep Purple,Foo figghters, the mars volta, Smashing pumpkins (up until after Mellon Collie), Queens of the stone age (songs for the deaf)

Atm been ,istening to some tool, sigur ros and Bon iver and just got into kyuss.

Can quite easily commute to the city centre for practice which is what i have done for my other bands but, if needs be, have a kit (sonor delite) and cymbals (zildjian, mostly Z, looking to change to A/K though). Finally on the kit side of things, got a double bass pedal which i can use fairly well, trying to get better with it atm though.

Anyway, to conclude, want to get into a dynamic band with broad horizons who are looking to play live (just like every other drummer, lol).

Almost forgot, free to practice most days apart from school hours.

Anyway, if you are interested get in touch asap and thanks for reading this.


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