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King Creosote + Pictish Trail, Fri 7th Nov @ Woodend Barn

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King Creosote + Pictish Trail

Friday 7 November, 8pm

Woodend Barn, Banchory

Tickets: 12, 10 conc, 5 (under 16s)

For a full list of sound events go to homepage > sound festival 2008 > s*•*o*•*u*•*n*•*d*.

Upcoming events include:

Interesting Music Promotions: Major Matt Mason USA + Francis MacDonald + Matricarians, Sat 1st Nov, 8pm, @ The Music Club

THE FOG on shmuFM, presented by Bill Thompson, Sun 2nd Nov, 10pm

IMP: To Rococo Rot + Laki Mera + Sarah J Tingle, Wed 5th Nov, 8pm @ The Tunnels

BlackPark: Green Pony + Lazy Sheepdog + Kitchen Cynics, Wed 5th Nov, 8pm @ Belmont Cinema

IMP: Pamela Wyn Shannon + The Kitchen Cynics + support, Thurs 6th Nov, 8pm @ The Tunnels

Mike Janisch and the Transatlantic Collective , Thurs 6th Nov, 8pm @ The Blue Lamp

IMP: De-Fence Presents (incl. Viva Stereo, Down the Tiny Steps + OTF), Sat 8th Nov @ The Blue Lamp

THE FOG on shmuFM, presented by Bill Thompson, Sun 9th Nov, 10pm

Kim Cascone: Field Diffusion week, 10th-15th Nov, Venue tbc

IMP + Idol_Wild: Volcano! + Spokes + Greater the Shadow, Tues 11th Nov, 8pm @ The Tunnels

Robert Scott Thompson, Fri 14th Nov, 12noon @ MacRobert

Continuum, Fri 14th Nov, 1pm @ Cowdray Hall

In association with Interesting Music Promotions, the Lemon Tree & University of Aberdeen : Revolutions per hour, electroacoustic music and sound art, Sat 11th Nov, from 6pm-12am @ The Lemon Tree

THE FOG on shmuFM, presented by Bill Thompson, Sun 16th, 10pm

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