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Open minded drummer looking for band


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Alright i've moved up to scotland in the last 5 months and looking to get on the gig scene again. I've moved up from london and was gigging for 3 years in a band called snatch 'n' run and no idea. I'm in it for the banter, the girls and the fans

I've been playing drums for over 8 years, with a wide range of styles to suit any kind of creative idea's. My influences started with punk, rock, metal. Was doing slipknot, system of a down and blink 182 etc.. covers at a young age. I have broaden my taste over the many years to include jazz funk reggae hip hop and keeping the roots truly alive

I can provide a pa system, amps and mics towards the band and plenty of beer!

If anyone is interested in starting a band or for joining a current project get in touch with me. If you add me to facebook you can see what your dealing with! Chris Wrench, vids on there not great sound quality but its a sample of skill, with pictures of the kit.

Get in touch

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