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imp: Revolutions Per Hour @ The Lemon Tree


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as part of SOUND festival, interesting music promotions, The Lemon Tree and University of Aberdeen present


Saturday 15th November

The Lemon Tree, 5 West North Street, Aberdeen AB24 5AT. Phone 01224 337688

Doors 6.00pm, until midnight

Entry 7 / 5 conc (60+, unemployed) / 2 (students & under 18s)



A fight night of electroacoustic music and sound art, with gigs on the hour, featuring the sound worlds of Kim Cascone, Scott Wilson, Erdem Helvacioglu, Robert Scott Thompson and Darragh Morgan.

Darragh Morgan's set will include Darragh Morgan - Michael Gordon Tinge, Steve Reich - Violin Phase, Scott Wilson - Flame, Paul Wilson - Trapped in Ice, Frank Lyons - Rush, and Michael Alcorn - Crossing the Threshold.






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This gig has been featured on The Kiosque


Live: Revolutions Per Hour

Saturday 15 November |The Lemon Tree | 6pm | 7/5

This Sound Festival event looks set to be one of the most interesting in the programme, it's a night of electroacoustic music with some of the most respected players in the genre making an appearance. Not the sort of thing you get to see every night of the week in other words, even the format looks slightly different with the event running from 6pm until midnight and performances happening on the hour. Here's a quick rundown of your entertainment for the evening:

American electronic music pioneer Kim Cascone has a pretty impressive CV to say the least with over 15 albums released since the early 1980's, he also founded the revolutionary ambient label Silent Records, was assistant music editor to David Lynch on Wild At Heart and Twin Peaks and worked for Thomas Dolby's company Headspace. That's just a selection of what he's done by the way.

Also on the bill are Robert Scott Thomson who divides his time between teaching at Georgia State University in Atlanta and performing his internationally-known electroacoustic works worldwide and Erdem Helvacioglu, one of Turkey's most renowned electronic musicians whose 2006 album "Altered Realities" was lauded by the likes of Gramaphone magazine.

With performances by Canadian Scott Wilson of the superbly acronym-ed Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST) and violinist Darragh Morgan as well, this has all the hallmarks of a great evening and an excellent opportunity to see something genuinely different.





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