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Hush Hush w/DEXPLICIT Sat 11th Oct at Origin


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Hush Hush


Giles Walker

Saturday 11th October 2008

Origin, Market st, Aberdeen

Below Hotel Metro

11pm - 3am

Entry 6/5 student

Dexplicit is currently one of the the hottest producer

in the UK urban scene, Dexplicit is set to take things to a whole new level for 08!

With Bassline House being the latest underground genre to gain commercial

recognition, with chart topping success and many tracks scheduled for commercial

releases over the next coming months, who better than Mobo and Urban Music Award

winning Dexplicit DXP RECORDINGS - (producer of Lethal Bizzles Number 11 POW

and bassline hits such as Bulla Cake to provide another smash hit track, to which

he has become renowned for, within a scene that is no doubt set to be the sound of

2008 and beyond.

A top remixer, he was responsible for assisting critically acclaimed XL artist MIA

to the top, with his brilliant production on her single Pull up da people. This

particular Dexplicit mix reached American shores and made him recognizable to a cult

underground scene in New York, where he now DJs playing his unique blend of music as

well as his many playouts in the UK and Europe. He has also remixed top artists for

major labels Sony and Virgin.

Dexplicit has started his Label DXP recordings, which started in 2005 and has seen a

successful string of releases on both the grime and notably the bassline genres.

Many of the releases have sold out and are always in demand to be restocked on the

shelves at various outlets.

Over the years Dexplicit has started playing DJ sets all over the world, Sweden,

Germany and France. He has become a regular in these countries and has formed good

allegiances with the promoters and the many people who are pushing the respective

scenes in these places.

Other remixes include Wideboys top garage hit Sambucca, Also he has produced a number

of remixes for Stush, who featured on the Groove Armadas 2007 dance hit Get Down.

Dexplicit tracks are a common feature on compilations that are released, such are the

popularity of his style and success if his tracks. His tracks are also continually played

in clubs and all forms of radio worldwide.

Due to his humbled nature Dexplicit is supremely loved by fellow producers and peers in

the industry.

He lends much of his time working on community projects around the country, speaking at

forums and trying his best to persuade more young people to get into the music industry,

giving advice to a younger audience.

Dexplicit maintains a great reputation on the underground and many of his tracks are

always continually playlisted and feature in all of the relevant Charts. In 2007 he had

one of the highlights of his career by featuring number 1 3 in the garage charts.

With the emergence of bassline, which he is now synonymous with, he has been in talks to

produce an album, a first in this genre of what is now a popular music.

Such was the popularity and ferocity of the Forward instrumental that US rap mega star

decided that is was essential he decided to used it for a freestyle section alongside Nas

for his sell-out UK tour.

Next track to be released will be the massive track might be with Gemma Fox, which is

set for commercial success. He also has a string of releases and collaborations that

he will be working on in the next coming months. For all info check dexplicits myspace

MySpace.com - Dexplicit- WoW on Base- Vote Detention on CH-U 528 - London - Hip Hop / House / Grime - www.myspace.com/dexplicit

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