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Electric Violin Player seeking band with gigs


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Ive been playing electric violin for a long time. I use a starfish stingray 5-string electric violin put through lots of different effects. Can sound like a normal violin if I want to - or a bit like an electric guitar - weird effects are my speciality. I have been professional fulltime with a band called The Fife (from Glenrothes and Kirkaldy) for four years and before that semi-professional with various gigging bands. I live in Aberdeen. And I mean professional -a fulltime job, paid gigs on average three times a weak - sometimes more. Festivals and several tours of Holland and Germany. So I have been a working musician. I am technologically savvy with mixers and PAs and effects and recording etc. I have my own PA and recording setup. My musical tastes are wide. I am good at playing by ear - adding licks, phrases and ear candy to songs. Im singer friendly adding in leads only when needed. I am looking for serious gigging musicians/bands to join up with - preferably with paid gigs and fun times.


Tel : 07802 709987

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