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Indie-Cent Exposure @ Lemon Tree

Guest calumunderkills

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Guest calumunderkills


Indie-Cent Exposure at Lemon Tree <indiecentexposure>

MySpace.com - Indie-Cent Exposure - UK - Indie / Rock / Alternative - www.myspace.com/indiecentexposureclub

We (the Underkills) have started a clubnight at the Lemon Tree! This is pretty exciting news for us!! Basically, once every 3 months, we will take over the Lemon Tree for the night (and at the weekend as well!), we will be DJing (bringing you the best tunes from the world of indie/rock music!), and there will be live performances from four of the best bands in Aberdeen!

The first night will feature the following bands:

Eskimo Blonde

The Underkills

The Confidantes


The first clubnight will take place on FRIDAY 17 OCTOBER, Doors Open 9pm. Tickets cost 5 (4 if you're a student...). There will also be an afterparty at the Tunnels, which your ticket will entitle you to free entry! The Lemon Tree will close at 1am, so the party can continue at the Tunnels until 3am if you want to just keep on going!!


We would really really appreciate your support with this one, because the Lemon Tree is a massive venue, and the best venue in Aberdeen!! It was only a short while ago we thought it had closed forever, but thankfully it has been rescued, and we've been given a great opportunity to bring the best in local talent to the public!! There are some excellent bands based in and around Aberdeen at the moment, and they seem to be being essentially ignored by music fans and music press - hopefully we can go some way to change that!!

If you're into indie/rock music, this really is a night you'll enjoy!! So please sign up to the mailing list and add us as a friend on myspace, and ultimately come down to the Lemon Tree on Friday 17 October!! It would also be marvellous if you could forward this email to any mates who may be interested!!!

Many thanks, and hopefully we'll see you soon!


Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire Bands - this is your chance to shine on the best stage Aberdeen has to offer! If you'd like to feature at an upcoming clubnight, please get in touch. If you'd like your tracks featured on this site, please get in touch and we'll tell you where to send them!!


Music Lovers - this is your chance to enjoy the best Aberdeen has to offer in the best venue in the city! If you'd like to be added to our mailing list and kept in the loop with all the news of upcoming shows, please visit MySpace.com - Indie-Cent Exposure - UK - Indie / Rock / Alternative - www.myspace.com/indiecentexposureclub and fill in the simple mailing list form or get in touch and we'll do it all for you!

Cheers guys,

We'll be seeing you soon!

From all at Indie-Cent HQ

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Guest calumunderkills

Unashamedly bumping my own message....

This is going to be a great night at the Lemon Tree!!! And hopefully the first of many!!!

Get your tickets HERE or take a wee wander into Aberdeen Box Office (beside the Music Hall).


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Guest calumunderkills

Tonight's the night!! :up:

Please head to Lemon Tree for the best new clubnight to hit Aberdeen!!

Great indie/rock tunes on offer throughout the night (old and new), and 4 live performances from Eskimo Blonde, The Underkills, The Confidantes and Ricoshay!

Going to be a cracking night!!

5 on the door (4 if you're a student/oap/etc)


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Guest calumunderkills

Great night was had by all on Friday!! Thanks to everyone who came and supported the local music scene!

Next Indie-Cent Exposure clubnight @ Lemon Tree is Friday 6th February featuring:

Lady Mercedes

MySpace.com - Lady Mercedes - Aberdeen/London, UK - Rock / R&B / Blues - www.myspace.com/ladymercedesuk

Rescue Party

MySpace.com - RescueParty - Aberdeen, UK - Indie / Alternative / Pop - www.myspace.com/rescuepartyonline


MySpace.com - fivefifteen - Aberdeen, Scotland - Indie / Rock / Alternative - www.myspace.com/fivefifteen

Velvet Audio

MySpace.com - Velvet Audio - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Alternative / Indie - www.myspace.com/velvetaudioband

Tickets will be onsale soon from Aberdeen Box Office at 5 each - only 4 for students!

Hopefully it will be even bigger and better than the launchnight!

There will hopefully be a few events in between now and the big one, including at least one night at Drummonds, and a couple of acoustic nights at the Music Club - all still to be confirmed though!


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