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Dirty Rose's first gig in Aberdeen at Cafe Drummonds 16/8/08

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Dirty Rose's first Aberdeen gig will be at Cafe Drummonds on august 16th supporting Guns n Roses tribute Guns 2 Roses.

The band consists of Alan Clarkson - Bass/vocals, Chris Clarkson - Guitar and David Greig (Taz) - Drums.

The Clarkson brothers recruited long time friend Taz early 2007 and since then we have played more than 40 gigs in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow

Our influences include bands such as Megadeth, W.A.S.P, Black Sabbath, Saxon, Iron Maiden etc.

MySpace.com - Dirty Rose - West Lothian, UK - Metal / Rock - www.myspace.com/dirtyrosemusic


Ric Rawlins - Planet Sound, Channel 4:

"For a three-piece, they have a huge, growling sound that's right out of a Hells Angels jukebox...there's no denying the raw power behind their greasy riffs." (18/02/2008)

Syndicate Thirteen:

Saxon, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC or even Metallica old school rock is back...Strong, solid tunes which are reflected in live performance as well as their self titled demo. (07/02/08)


"You can really hear the classic metal influences on this demo from Scottish Trio Dirty Rose as Iron Maiden go head to head with Metallica...overall this is a solid demo with some more than decent tunes (23/05/08)

Hopefully see some of yous there

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