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eko acoustic guitar!

Guest fat_bottom_girls

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Guest fat_bottom_girls

i got an acoustic guitar off my brother afew years ago before he moved to austrailia! it is an Eko Rio Grande VI (6 i guess) does any one know anything about these guitars or could point me in the direction of where i could find out information! It is in good nick for being over 10 years old and is in a all black finish! i will get pics of it soon and post them up! only prob with it is it has a crack on theneck near the head where i guess my bro musta dropped it! i am only askign as it is such a fantastic sounding and playing guitar and i knwo very little or rather nothing about the brand!

if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!

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Eko are an Italian company - I have heard good reports about their acoustic guitars before. (I have an Eko Mandolin Banjo, which is not the greatest - it won't stay in tune with 8 strings, but with 4 it's ok).

Some info on Eko here:


and their website here:


Hope this helps



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I have a 40-something year old EKO acoustic that my Mum bought in the 60s when she was in her hippy Hendrix/Deep Purple/King Crimson/etc phase. I taught myself how to play guitar on this (insert witty "you didn't teach yourself that well!", etc phrases here) in High School, and it almost beat me. Turns out it is a Spanish flemenco style guitar, which means it has a neck wider than Vanessa Feltz' ass. But, it sounds and plays really nicely once you get used to it, and it helps teach you to stretch those digits!!

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