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TONIGHT @ The Tunnels@ Dirty Hearts, Cast Of The Capital, City Seemed Eager

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Dirty Hearts - Indie/Pop/Rock


"One girl and three boys.............

We're a cultural hotpot of the land that is Ecosse (Aberdonian, Glaswegian, Invernesian and Dumfriesian) and a mish mash of several defunct bands that you might have heard of, but I won't mention them, plus the fact the flashbacks are too painful to speak of.

Followed by the training of a crack team of studio engineers and being locked away in tiny rooms creating what people call "music", we finally unleashed our sound for all the world to hear. We have many places to see and many places to be. Hopefully one of those places is near you if not.....it should be!

Much love, DHx "

Cast Of The Capital - Indie Rock


Cast of the Capital are a four piece band which play Indie Rock music. For fans of the Shins, Death Cab For Cutie, Pinback...

City Seemed Eager - Indie/Pop/Alternative


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