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Emg Epiphone Custom


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I'm selling this guitar -

Its an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. With an EMG 81 in the bridge and a Single coil EMG Sa in the neck.

Its the older version though, so it has "better looking" square" tuners.

I got this in bits and then have to by the pickups and assemble the thing. With the help of a set up the guitar became playable and somewhat amazing.

Its in mint condition. Has a nice smokers faded white/yellow thing going on.

There is a slight problem with the main Bridge volume pot, being that it doesn't actually work, However I am assured by Mr Potts(my guitar tech friend) that he now knows how to resolve the issue and will happily fix it free of charge, so If someone was to by this guitar, I'd make sure that this happens before hand. The only reason I havn't yet fixed this, is because I don't use the pot, ever haha.

To hear the clean sounds, you can check out this really bad Say it aint so - YouTube - Say It Ain't So - Queensferry Rock School!

I'm looking for an offer on this.

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