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officially endorsed stiff little fingers tribute

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Straw Dogs

A Tribute to Stiff Little Fingers

I am the booking agent for official 'Stiff little Fingers' tribute band 'Straw Dogs'

who are based in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

I am currently undertaking the bookings for an autumn/winter tour for Straw Dogs and I would be interested in discussing with you the possibility of you putting on a show with Straw Dogs or adding Straw Dogs to the bill of any existing shows you may be putting on

History has shown that Straw Dogs are a good crowd puller, have a good reputation and have done good business in your part of town and we would certainly like to put on a show through you.

Please drop me a line at bookstrawdogs@yahoo.co.uk <mailto:bookstrawdogs@yahoo.co.uk> to discuss further. Please visit our web site where you can listen to some of our tracks. www.strawdogs.cjb.net

Straw Dogs Biography

'Straw Dogs' were formed in Kilmarnock in 1999 by members of the punk rock tribute outfit 'Last Years Men'. For the previous 6 years the band had been playing the pubs and clubs of Ayrshire and Glasgow with a degree of success but wanted to play more and more songs of the band they all felt an affinity with, 'Stiff Little Fingers'.

Named after the rasping SLF anthem they began to play further afield picking up fans at every gig. Through a mutual friend 'Jake Burns', (front-man of Stiff Little Fingers) heard the 'Straw Dogs' Demo and sent an email expressing his approval, giving a positive review of the 5 tracks and his blessing to carry on which has given Straw Dogs kudos and set them apart from tribute bands.

2008 and Straw Dogs have 100's of gigs under their belt playing all over the U.K and become a well recognized and respected fixture in the U.K punk scene, opening up for acts such as: The U.K Subs, The Damned, The Dead Kennedys and the Vibrators, to name a few.

Straw Dogs seek to entertain and send fans on a nostalgic voyage through SLF's back catalogue of anthems such as Alternative Ulster, Gotta Get Away, Nobody's Hero and Suspect Device, to name a few.

Best regards Straw Dogs.

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