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Hey all,

Im going to be presenting a show on Me-FM (105.8 FM) for the month of June - Tuesdays 7-9 - and im looking to showcase some local bands as part/feature of my show.

Me-FM is a local community radio show - airing to Aberdeen City and also avaliable on line. It aim is to promote diversity in Aberdeen so includes shows on heaps of different types of music etc

So if your interested in getting your tracks some air play gimme a shout! Ill be needing it on a CD with a listing of the track names. Also if you wanna let me know when and where you will be playing some gigs im more than happy to spread the word.

lll be looking for stuff for 4 shows throughout June - but for the first show Im running short on time so if your up for it drop me an e-mail to litte_llama_2002@msn.com ASAP and we can sort something out.



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