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Stephane Grapelli Tribute


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Just been to the Lemon Tree this evening to see John Etheridge's "Sweet Chorus" performing a tribute to the great Stephane Grapelli. Just wanted to post and say that I was amazed. I've never seen John Etheridge before, and I was so impressed, not just by him and the equally amazing violinist, who both belted out amazing solos, over fast swing pieces in which the rhythm guitarist's right hand became nothing but a blur of flesh, to slow pieces that made me want to cry with happiness, but also by the double-bassist, who had a fantastic solo, and the aforementioned rhythm-guitarist with his lightening hands.

Even the venue itself was set-up to inspire magic. The tables were all laid out in front of the stage, with a candle atop each one, and the lights down to the dimmest possible atmosphere.

The only thing was the lack of a good crowd. There was only a very intimate, cosy audience present, and the musicians surely deserveda huge crowd. However, I found that the small audience were extremely appreciative of hte music, and the size of crowd was conducive the relaxed, intimate vibe which added to the feeling to make the evening as good as one could imagine.

.....I do feel a bit silly posting htis, as I don't hitnk anyone on the forums was likely to have been present tonight, but if anyone was, please post somehting.

And if oyu weren't, I htink you should post an apology to yourself for not allowing yourself to witness a real musical gem.

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