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any ideas on a bass set up Eden (v) Ampeg?

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?(Does anyone play with an Eden?

I was looking at the Eden WT1205 "World Tour" Bass Amp or a Ampeg STV 4. I want a stereo set up so I can control a 500w 18" sub and 4x10 with horn cab 400 Watts. I will also on the signal send of the 18" have a 12" (separate) 150 watt amp for the upper end - set at 0 bass.

I play via a digitech 3 part harmoniser on either a fretless / db / and straight funk rock on a fendre jazz. The Jazz and the db are passive with the fretless being a early 80's active bass.

I currently use a 2 * 15" elecrtovoice set up with double value magnets so they won't blow rated 400 watts driven by a 1970's Ampeg V4-B, its load and rocky but noisey and can't cope with the subtly of the digitech settings.

Any ideas on how you would run this - I'm looking for max bass at low volume with easy to control settings in a live stage environment.


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