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let's cook...


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Put good old hc/punk into a bowl. Add a handful of psychodelia. Blend it until homogenic. Done? Now sprinkle it all with a jazzy freedom of form. Serve hot or cold.

Hi. I'm kinda new to this town. The name is Kay. I've got several years experience making music, playing music, listening to music and living music. Most of the time was playing accustic guitar and harmonica, pretty folky, bluesy stuff, my first band though was hc/punk formation called Disrespect. Do you ever get that feeling, what would you do if you were allowed to take along all your experience, knowledge and gear, and go back in time, to when you were fifteen, and put it all to a good use? Well i get it all the time, and that's basicly what I'm just doing now. Got some tunes ready to cook and serve, just need open minded people, daredevils of creativity to put it all together. I shall take care of bass, the rest - is up to you. So, whatcha say?

give us a buzz on havrovanwijk@yahoo.co.uk and we'll take it from there. Cya!

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