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Experinced rock`n`roll Musician 27 looking to join or form the next big thing.

Influences include: Oasis, Stereophonics,Flickerstick,Nirvana,The Beatles,The Stones,My Chemical Romance, Artic Monkeys to name but a few.The General rule is you name it and i like it but there are a few exceptions to the rule.

I can play bass,Rhythem and lead guitar and i can also play drums.I`m not worried what part i play, as long as the musics good then thats all tht matters.I don`t have a big ego but what i do have is time,dedication,Passion and commitment in abundance.

So if your interested drop me a line at redbullet001@yahoo.co.uk with as much info/questions as you can and i`ll get back to you asap



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Guest Motleyal


my mates and i are looking for a drummer. we have voice bass and guitar and another guitarist in the pipeline.

we like 50's - 00's rock mainly. stones, weller, zep, who, thin lizzy, killers and most other stuff

we're planning to do a few covers and original material.

email me at motleyal@hotmail for more details.


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