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XBOX 360 Premium w/ 3 Games + Extras

Pedestrian Fault

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This is Tav, can't log into my usual account so using this one.

Thinking of maybe getting shot of the XBOX 360. Not using it enough and I'd like to free up some cash for my car.

On gameplay.com a Premium + Devil May Cry 4 is 249.99 with an RRP of 282.98.

I've got a Premium w/ wireless controller + headset. Less than a year old and well within warranty. Perfect condition. I have all the boxes.

I have a DV cable that allows the console to be connected to a PC monitor (I use my 2nd 19" Dell monitor and it looks awesome @ 1280x1024 resolution). I also have a handy connector that allows a 3.5mm stereo jack to connect to this DV cable so you can plug in a wider range of speakers. Normally it uses the component red + white connectors.

Forza 2 + Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon + Just Cause. All top games.

I'd be looking for somewhere in the 230 region for all of this?

Not 100% sure but if someone gives me a good offer I'll sell. Will deliver in and around Aberdeen.


Reply here or drop me an email: cold_spoon@hotmail.com

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