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We need your support!!!

Gary Open Air

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Open air wants you!!! All of you

We need all your support for an upcoing gig on Monday night...

We need you at...

Dr. Drakes on the Monday 24th of May to see Open Air, Dangerfield and the Jack Daniels and cokes.

Its an important gig for us, so we need all the cheering and fan lunacy that I know you can give us...

So go on and rally the troops, get yourselves in gear for Monday night.

The doors are 8pm and the door tax is 3. I hope to see you all there.

Until Monday...Take care

Gary Open Air


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The Open Air CD is fuckin cool for what it is.

I'm liking the vocals. It's a bit James Hetfield but not to the point where you'd think Gary was rippin him off. I'm a fan of wet vocals with maybe some delay or reverb, and this is what I thought would benefit these vocals. Although this is a personal prefrence and lots of people have very differing ideas on how vocals should sound.

Guitar riffs are cool. Only thing I'd say is Gary needs another pedal for doing those more minimal instrumental parts. I know they're only a three peice and it is a live recording, but a delay pedal or something would make all the difference for those parts. It would add some atmosphere and create better listening.

The Bass has a nice tone and I like the way it works along side guitar. As for drums... I was expecting some super shite drumming because of Chris' old SOLINUS days but he's come a long way and I can see him improving more and wouldn't be surprised if people started talking about him more on these threads in the months to come.

I'm not that keen on the Led Zep cover (When a Blind Man Cries). Only because its one of my favourite songs and feel that the original sentiment is lost by making it heavier. It was a good idea though but I wish they'd picked a worse song to try and make better. If that makes any sense.

All in all I think Mark has yet again done well with another budget demo and Open Air sound very tight and they've got some moments of inspiration but some moments where you tend to switch off. This may be corrected by a few more listens but the potential is there and I'd give it a good 8/10

Def gonna try and make it to their next outing.

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