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Benjamin Wetherill Live tonight & Single out tomorrow 9am!

On The Bone Records

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OTB007 - Benjamin Wetherill - The Derby Ram 7"

Released February 18th, Monday, 2008

Order the record now from our site on the bone records for 4.OO (Including p&p)

It will also be in all our stores tomorrow including Crash and Jumbo in Leeds from 9:00am


'Bonkers, totally individual, nice one Ben!' Artrocker Magazine

'This is by far Wetherills most successful release yet' Sandman

'Sheer genius in what I can only call his best work to date' Audio Rodeo

'Class material from the dark side of the Pennines.' Music Dash

'Should I clap my hands or dance a jig? It's easy to hear why this is a favourite' Leeds Student Radio

'This is the first single I've ever put on permanent loop for over an hour....' Sheffield Music.com

'Wetherill's warbling but result is absolutely wonderful. Is This Music?

'Mournful, delicate, mind-altering' Whispering & Hollerin

'Cowardesque English weirdness but a cracking chorus and a song which you cant forget' Howard Monk Blogspot

'Wonderfully conceived folly of lilting musicianship charmingly braided by bobbing brass arrangements' Losing Today.com

Ben is performing on Raw Talent live tonight so tune in at 8pm on DAB Radio BBC Leeds or listen live at:

BBC - Leeds - Entertainment


MySpace.com - Benjamin Wetherill - Leeds - Folk / Experimental / Alternative - www.myspace.com/benjaminwetherill


MySpace.com - On The Bone Records - Leeds, UK - Indie / Experimental / Rock - www.myspace.com/leedsonthebone

on the bone records

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