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Trinity looking for a guitarist


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Okay, I am forming a band and all I need now is a guitarist, I know beggars can't be chosers so I am open to any suggestions but I have some preferences;

Ages 15-18 (I don't want to form a band with "old men" again)

Preferably into Indie or Punk (I refuse to do super mega dark metal)

Preferably a poser (This will all be explained later)

Is not Liam Creedon (Or Freddiesoffspring on this forum) as good as a guitarist you are, I think that it would be best this way.

The ability to sing (Backup or some lead parts, like Mark and Tom good ol' blink 182 boys)

I don't care about gigantic solos, I just wanna write good songs.

Anyone keen?

Write me bebo mail if possible, I read that more.


Rikkirotten <RikkiROTTEN> or 07926724020

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