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Drumkit for sale.

ian quik

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Due to lack of use, ive decided to sell my pride and joy, shells and tom hardware only, Yamaha Rock tour custom. includes 22" bass drum, 10" & 2x 12" rack toms, 2 floor toms i think they are 15" and 16", cant remember. All in black sparkle (thats black with a hint of glitter, looks nice).

When i done some research about them a while back i got his from a collector -

"I've been playing for over forty years and never liked Yamahas much until

I heard Ray Brinker play a small set of RTC's at a club in Sherman Oaks

two years ago. I was there to hear Ernie Watts who I gigged with over a

decade ago. Ray was sight reading the gig for the first time and he just

killed me. He is endorsed by yamaha. I was studying his kit closely and

noticed they said 'rock' on the label; ironic since Ray claimed to be a

rock drummer, even tho he was quite adept at playing jazz. He then

stated: "They are Rock Tour Customs- best drums Yamaha ever made." So I

started buying them at that point. I'm into my fourth RTC kit now!

There are a few people who love these drums. I think they are better

sounding then the Recording Customs. A rounder tone. The Yamaha people say the closest thing to them made today is the Beech series. The RTC's were made in the late 80's and early 90's. I think it's safe to say that they haven't made them in

over 10 years. They share the same hardware as the Recording Customs

(which will be phased out soon I hear). the difference is in the shell.

RC's are all birch. RTC's have a few mahogany plies as well as birch and

an outer sheath of resin. I think it's that resin that sets them apart

from any other drum. RTC's are top of the line. "

So in the sale is.... not for seperation under any circumstances.

- the shells in sizes i mentioned, all skinned, brand new on the bass drum.

- floor toms stands (note 16" has leg slots, but no legs are included, mounts on stand given)

- appropriate bass drum mounts for 12" toms

- tom arm and 1 clamp for attachment to a stand for the 10"

- fabric padded bass drum case

- hard cases for 14" 10" and 16" toms, none for 12" im afraid.


^^ due to the hardware, this kit can be set up a whole lot of ways, theres a sample, missing one 12" tom obviously.

Its been well taken care of, though due to its age it has some minor marks (as most kits do). if someone was seriously interested id be up for letting them come and view it.

Cash Only.


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