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Contra September 2007 UK Tour

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CONTRA would like to announce that Dr. Drums is taken time off

treating minor health issues undoubtfully further incapaciting the NHS

to play hard, fast and in an offbeat fashion on the upcoming


We will be setting up Medical clinics in a city near you ....

where you can get your ska pills, punk injections & dub syrup

at one of the following fine establishments


Punk/Hardcore/Reggae- www.myspace.com/contrarock

If your needin a contra fix we have fine prescriptions of new reggae punk pills bound

to get you aroused......if your needin a good hardcore punk slap in the face

we may be able to assist you there too :up:

All in time for the weekend

.....open up and say Hardcore, raggae, punk dub and SKAAAAA......


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