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Seamy ALB

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My name is Seamy Donnelly, I play bass in a N Irish band A Little Bitter - :: A Little Bitter :: and I signed up to this forum ages ago to scrounge gigs for my band in Scotland. Due to membership having to be approved (I think) I haven't posted before untill today.

I got one of those "we miss you" emails then when I log on it tells me I've never posted before, so I'm confusedo_O

Anyways we are making our first trip to Scotland the weekend of the 6th of July playing at The Retreat in Perth and The Livi Nightspot Livingston football Stadium on the 7th. I don't know if this is anywhere near Aberdeen (I will be checking google maps) but if your about come up and say hello!!



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Was having a listen to some of those live tracks, sound quality is really good. I think you'd go down pretty well in the Moorings Bar if you were ever trying to organise a gig here. They have good gear (if you like your live recordings) and great atmosphere when the right crowd are in.


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Our original drummer decided to leave the band at the start of April he told us that he would fulfill all our gigs till we got a replacement but he pulled out at the last minute. We had arranged a gig swap with Maya29 from Edinburgh to come over to do a weekend as well as alot of other gigs which we did not want to cancel. So a buddy of ours stepped up and to thank him we had the show recorded. I thought it sounded so good I decided to whack it up on the site.

Our gigs in Scotland will be the first with our new drummer. You should check out some of the album tracks on the myspace as well: www.myspace.com/alittlebittermusic

I would love to get more gigs organised in Scotland, we are definitly up for gig swaps!!

Thanks for the heads up Colin!!

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