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Heaven or Las Vegas Review

Sam 45

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Level Four are from Aberdeen, and those who visit the website Aberdeen-Music on a regular basis wont be strangers to the band. Level Four are due to play both the Lemon Tree and Drummonds next month, so its an ideal time to be checking them out. They have three demo tracks available to listen on their myspace page, which I shall be reviewing here.

Of three of their demo tracks Furtherance is undoubtedly the most commercial. It has a nice casual beat, and a refreshing chorus which carries the song well. Furtherance is also much more of ballad compared with the other two demos on offer. All in all, this is a good summer tune.

The guitars become more evident and influential on their second track Walking on Glass which is rather interesting mix of indie and grunge music. The vocals certainly sound this way, with the occasional grunge like scream on show. Compared with Furtherance, Walking on Glass has a much darker feel to it, and the baseline is also a lot more evident during the track also.

Third track Lord of the Dance is the fastest of the three songs and is certainly the most catchy and fun. It has a much more punk like feel to it, and wouldnt look out of place on exoduss playlist on a Saturday night. The first few chords sound BRMC like, but when the vocals kick in the song takes on its own identity. Lord of the Dance is definitely the best of three songs, and I would be intrigued to find out how it sounds live.

Its always difficult to judge a band on merely three songs and on this occasion I simply wont. However, Level Four are due to play a free lunchtime gig at Aberdeens Lemon Tree on the 26th of July so if you have the chance why not pop down and judge for yourself? If you cant make it then, Level Four are also set to play Caf Drummonds in Aberdeen on 29th of July also.

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