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Ashdown Superfly - help!

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I have noticed that there is a sale on sound control and that they are selling the new Ashdown Superfly 500W bass amp for 199 (200 less than usual).

Ashdown Superfly Head at Sound Control

I have used this amp whilst recording at the studio and it sounds really good + the usb interface means you can really tweak the graphic settings which is pretty cool. The physical design is amazing - it looks really nice and is lighter than alot of the amps i have used in the past!

However, I have noticed that although the amp is advertised at 500W, it is actally 2x250W with each at 4 Ohms. Does his mean that in order to get utilise the full 500W of power I would need 2x4Ohm cabinets?

Forgive me as I have absolutely no idea when it comes to Ohms. Basically I just want to know which cabinet/conifguration of cabinets i will need in order to use the amp to its full potential.

Any help would be much appreciated :)



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1. I bought one and then had all sorts of bother - I wouldn't do it if I were you,

2. You are correct - to get the full power quoted you will need 2 4ohm cabs rated at 250w minimum (they say you're supposed to add 25% above the rated amp output so that would make it 312.5w minimum in theory but I don't know how rigidly you have to stick to that - depends on how much you value the drivers in your cabs!) - This really does limit your options on cab configurations.

3. Mine suffered from a known cheap board situation which caused it to blow up a lot, yes it is pretty but it runs REALLY hot - after mine blew the first time I looked it up and loads of people have had the same problem - I'm gutted cos I really wanted this thing to be as good as it is on paper.

4. Ashdown have pretty much removed support for this model now - and Sound Control now pretty much defunct apart from a couple of their original stores, are offloading them cheap as Ashdown prepare the release of new replacement models.

5. A lot of people have complained about unacceptable noise levels from this model - not something you would usually expect from an Ashdown, irrespective of it's great price.

All in all it was a great looking white elephant :(



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