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New North East Music Publication


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Hello folks.

I would like to use my first post to tell everyone about a new music publication based here in the north east (Elgin to be exact). Called 'heavenorlasvegas' you can check out our website by using the link below.

Heaven Or Las Vegas - Home

In our first proper edition we have interviewed Ken Stringfellow, Optiganally Yours, Nintendude, The Pulsars, Weasel Walter Quartet, The Decemberists, Mark Kermode, Jens Lekman, Le Concorde, Dean Wareham, The Notwist, Peter Coyle, Billy Bragg and John Tams.

All of these interviews and other articles are available on our website.

Our next edition is due out towards the end of next month. We are aiming to try and serve the north east as best we can in terms of any upcoming local gigs or new bands. We would be delighted to review any EP's or LP's from any new bands - just send an email to:


Any comments/suggestions on our publication are appreciated. Just post a message in our forum, which is looking as sparse as death valley at the moment (our website has just been launched).



Heaven Or Las Vegas - Home

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