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Single Twin Records

Single Twin records/6:Pact

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Hello Aberdeen Music,

details of 6Pact below, for anyone interested in becoming part of,

Single Twin Records 6Pact

Comm 1.

Single Twin Records is setting out on a project to bring together 6 corners of the undiscovered Scottish Music fraternity. 6Pact will be our launch project.

What we need:

6 Acts

6 Promoters

6 Days of your time for touring

6 Visual artists (for campaign posters/record sleeves/merchandise etc etc)

6 Photographers

6 Distribution coordinators (radio/press etc)

What we want to do:

Get bands/artists produced, recorded, promoted, released and out on tour. Rather than go all in-house we figured best to bring as many people together as possible.

Music submissions should be from bands currently without labels, on Scottish soil and with Scottish members, Bands/Artists should submit links to two songs (myspace is fine) in the first instance along with a photograph and a statement representing yourself and what you want from 6Pact to info@singletwinrecords.co.uk

Promoters, drop us a line if youd like to represent your centre,

Photographers/Visual artists some pictures please,

Coordinators, anyone considered, tell us why it should be you.

All submissions should make it clear which local administration centre you wish to be represented in (see below). Submissions to more than one centre will be ignored. All submissions should be received by 07.07.07. Notification of selection by 31.07.07

Local Admin centres are: Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Inverness, Aberdeen, Stornoway (All Island based bands)

So there you have it. Please forward this post on if you know any good bands/artists/promoters etc. or people who just want to get some experience in the music industry at the first step

Personal statement from Single Twin Records:

We have experience of releasing records for a number of Scottish artists with other labels. We have experience of promoting in some of Scotlands bigger venues as well as the hovels. We have experience of tour management and we have experience of each step from writing to releasing music. We want to do something worthwhile, and we want to work with interesting and creative people. We do not promise world wide

stardom or lots of money, we do not actually promise anything, but we are determined to make this work and are confident of success.

6Pact will be released into the Official charts at some point, we plan in 2007.

If youre mucking about please dont bother, you know who you are. If you reckon you have what it takes and reckon you are good at what you do, drop us a line

Single Twin Records/6Pact

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