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Sam 45

Track Review

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Douglas More from the Dundee University Band Society did us a demo review. Here it is:


What starts of with a mad little chipmunk drumstick rant quickly develops into a soft melody reminiscent of The Libertines without being so showy. It appears to lament a lost love, the vocal calling out Never thought that I could fall so hard over the summery but slightly saddened melody. The songs main hook revolves around another vocal, the (presumably) band all joining in with a Wey hey hey hey that is slightly sad but none the less optimistic. The song trundles through nicely and you find yourself identifying with the feelings being displayed. My only criticism would be that it maybe goes on for a minute longer than needed. Other than that this is a really nice summer love song that is sure to be a crowd favourite with its Way hey hey hey hook begging to be screamed out by audiences.

Walking On Glass

After a slow burning introduction Walking On Glass kicks in with a catchy riff/vocal combo that grabs you effectively with the words dancing around a chugging guitar and melody almost reminiscent of Caroline by Status Quo. After this the track breaks right down into a bass driven section before kicking back up into a more drawn out crescendo of melody and vocal. Eventually the song arcs out into the remaining of its 7 minutes with a guitar solo calling out as the songs ends on a high. Overall its a pleading epic that is carried along effectively by a good melody, starting off as a short, sharp tune it spreads it wings midway to become a soaring affair begging its subject for forgiveness with the call Ill never let you down, again. This song certainly doesnt.

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