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CRAZY P (formerly Crazy Penis) - Live


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Crazy Penis started by duo of Chris Todd & Jim Baron back in 1995 recording for the awesome (sadly now defunct) paper recordings . Now on there 4th album and renowned for their tight production and funky summery grooves this duo latest album sees brand new tracks from an intense studio session and a more organic direction to create a fluid album of digi-discoid-electro-funk. "A Night On Earth" the brand new Crazy P album is an epic journey to the dark side of the funk, full of rare groove and disco flavours, a coming of age album for a truly gifted group of musicians.

Having met whilst at Nottingham university, the two’s love of 70’s disco & soul and the thriving British/U.S. house scene saw them start crafting their own unique brand of soulful dance music. With very little equipment and a name to shock, the budding bedroom producers started writing and recording together. Having got lots of positive feedback from mates who heard their tracks, the lads plumped up enough courage to send some of their quirky funk off to the newly formed, but already reputable label, Paperecordings, based in Manchester. Within days of sending the tape, paper head-honcho, Elliot Eastwick was on the phone; they loved the tracks and wanted to sign them for release. This was the start of an eight-year relationship with the label, which spanned numerous 12”, remix and album releases.

Having made an impression on the worldwide dance scene with their debut album ‘A Nice Hot Bath With….’, requests started coming in for Crazy Penis live shows across Europe and the world. Chris & Jim knew they needed help to translate their richly orchestrated sound to the live format and so started their search for like-minded muso’s to join the merry throng. They didn’t have to look too far…..Bassist, Tim Davies (an old school-mate of Jim’s, and involved in the conception of the first Penis album) was drafted in along with ex-cream percussionist, Mav. The final member to join, vocalist (& Manchester socialite) Dannielle Moore was spotted by Jim doing a rousing Shirley Bassey impression at a Manchester house-party in the very early hours of the morning!!! The line up was complete.

The band is a tight combo taking in dreamy disco grooves, wicked diva vocals and funked-up, jazztastic beats that can bust out into some broken beat/nu-jazzy/house hybrid while laying down sweet-deep grooves. Where they really shine, though, is in their soul. Like Zero 7, they have a very dreamy R&B sound that's quite laid back, relaxed, and more dependent upon their own musicianship, songwriting, and vocalists than on the latest gadgets on their drum machines.

The last few years have seen the group blossomed into a fully-fledged eight-piece ensemble, with a fast-rising reputation as one of dance music’s best live acts. It’s certainly a far cry from the days when Chris and Jim would knock up sample-adelic dancefloor tracks using just a sampler and a battered old Atari ST.

Live Highlights of the year included the Good Vibrations tour in Australia where 9000 people went ballistic during a heatwave, The Big Chill, Moscow and the renowned Irish craziness of Dublin and Cork (so good, the promoters rebooked the shows within days!!!).

2006 has brought the Crazy P sound to a new level. A live performance on Radio 1's essential mix in late January, a 12 date tour of the UK coming in Feb/March 2007 followed by plans to tour Europe from April onwards and a triumphant return to Oz planned for May, they are just getting started.


Advance tickets (6.50) can be purchased by clicking HERE

Crazy P (live)

Sat 10th March 2007


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