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Want some acoustic cowpunx to play in your living room?


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Oi Oi all.

Firstly, aplogies if this is in the wrong forum!

Make-That-A-Take Records shall be releasing two brand-spanking new records on Valentine's Day.

15 Minutes are releasing their debut full-length, tentatively titled 'Build.Adapt.Achieve.Stay Strong', and I am releasing a new EP entitled 'Broken Strings and Senseless Things'.

As such, we are planning on touring together to promote the new releases and already have a bunch of dates booked. As we are both acoustic acts, we can play anywhere at anytime, be it basements, living rooms, coffee shops or where-ever.

That leads me to my point...

Is there anybody out there that wants some acoustic cowpunk action live in your living room?

We have played many house parties before and would love to come and play for you and your friends. We will consider absolutely anywhere so if you are interested in having us, please give us a shout. If any of your friends have birthdays coming up, why not organise a surprise party and we can be your musical entertainment!?!

As I say, if you want us, then we'll come and play.

Get in touch!

- Deeker x

PS - new dates on the page!


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