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Ben Taylor

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Ben Taylor

Amy MacDonald

Monday 29th January

Doors Open 7.30pm/Support 8pm

10 (6.75 concessions and Regulars)

Say you're a gifted young artist - someone like Ben Taylor, for instance. You've written a pile of great songs. You've got a way with melody and a mastery of the understated lyric.

You've got a voice that lingers in the air - tuneful, expressive, the kind of voice that makes its impact with the smallest turn of a whispered phrase.

Under normal circumstances, you've got all it takes to make an impression. Some might say you're even a candidate for stardom.

But Ben Taylor's circumstance is far from normal. His parents - father James Taylor, mother Carly Simon - are giants of popular music. And with that lineage come the expectations that make his latest album, Another Run Around The Sun a milestone as well as a masterwork.

Of course, there was never any pressure from his family to match their achievements - no pressure, that is, except from Ben himself. He's always kept his standards high - how could he not? And when his sound began to evolve, and invariably it showed signs of influence from those who were closest to him, he found himself at a crossroads that most artists never have to visit.

His choice was whether to deny his birthright, to pack up his music and take it somewhere else for reasons that have nothing to do with the music itself.

Or he could stake his claim on the family land, sing and play the way he wanted to, and against all odds stand as an artist with unique qualities of his own.

It took a while, but with Another Run Around The Sun, Ben makes that choice - the right choice.


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