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Duh ?`

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Sectarian chants between Rangers and Hearts?

How does that work ?

They're both mair orange than Jimmy Calderwood's big, fat, bappit coupon!

**** Courtesy British Broadcasting Corporation ***

Rangers have suspended the registration of an East Kilbride supporters' club following a missile throwing incident and sectarian singing at Tynecastle.

One individual has also been banned from attending all Rangers matches.

Laurence Macintyre, head of safety, said: "Supporters' clubs must realise that they will be held responsible for the behaviour of those occupying their allocated seats on match days."

An object was thrown on to the pitch during last month's game with Hearts.

Mr Macintyre added: "The supporters' club in question received only three tickets for the match but claimed they did not know who had used them.

"This obstructed our inquiries and prevented us from reaching the actual person or persons involved in this incident.

"We were also made aware of sectarian singing in the same seating area and, as a result of this, and the missile throwing incident, the registration of the supporters' club has been suspended.

"This means the supporters' club's registration has been cancelled and they will not be allocated tickets for any matches.

"The individual who accepted the tickets on behalf of the supporters club has also been banned from attending fixtures."

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