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Jungle Nation with Ed Rush & Optical Sat 7th Oct Kef


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Jungle Nation

Ed Rush & Optical (Virus) presents "Chameleon"

with Mc Wrec (London Elektricity)

Dj Tez

Dj Davy

Mc Bass Monkey

Mc Twisted

Saturday 7th October 2006

Kef, Belmont st, Aberdeen

10pm - 3am

Tickets available for One Up, Belmont st, Aberdeen 01224 642662

Ed Rush & Optical are a duo who were the catalyst of the dark-step movement. A mutation of the drum and bass formula,

they opted for dense textures rather than simple jungle breaks, and Macs to power their music rather than the traditional

1200's with dub plate. Ed Rush's early collaborations with sound engineer Nico yielded critical acclaim for the creative use

of eerie vocal samples and swirling breakbeats. Indeed so, their album "Torque" on Nico's No-U-Turn was hailed by many as a

landmark album in the course of development/mutation of drum and bass. Their creative partnership spawned countless

imitators with average horror movie dialogues and well, cheap imitations. Ed Rush subsequently partnered up with

Optical and taking his brand of drum and bass to another level. They created their own label, Virus, and their first release

was "Medicine/Punchbag," Their eventual LP, Wormhole in 1998, was released to critical and underground success,

and is regarded as a genre classic, as the sounds from that album again redefined the direction drum and bass

was headed, and solidified their status as the forerunners of the new sound of drum and bass. More recently,

after a slew of other releases, Ed Rush and Optical have released another genre-defining LP, the Creeps. This

was again met with critical and commercial success, as the album helped them to win Knowledge drum and bass award

for producers of the year. Their latest album "Chameleon" should be hitting the shops









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