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Looking to form a three piece band...

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Ahoy! I play guitar/bass and some keys as well as performing vocals. I already play in two Aberdeen bands (The Creoles and aka-SKA) and I'm looking to form a three piece band playing original material (with maybe a couple of comfy cover to fill out a set).

Hopefully some kind of melodic but also dischordant punk (if that makes any sense). Looking for another guitarist/vocalist to co-front the band with me, and a drummer who can do some backing vocals. I've got a lot of ideas, but would like to develope them with other intelligent, open-minded and creative musicians in a collaborative environment.

I'm 33, been playing in bands for years, the type of thing I'm thinking about would be influenced by the sort of things like The Minutemen, fugazi, Sleater-Kinney, The Evens, The Hot Snakes, but bringing in anything from Johnny Cash to Bob Marley to the Queens of the Stone Age along the way, whatever comes up and fits. Send me a pm if anyone's interested.


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