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thomas truax cancels support slot...

Guest MDP

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Thanks to every one of you that have been out to any of the recent

endless tour dates, your support and shared enjoyment is deeply

appreciated, and welcome to all of you that have recently joined this

list! There will be more Duke Special supports announced for june and

some summer festival dates as well. It's true that I am literally

living on the road without any one place to call home besides the stage,

but I will return to Wowtown and report back to you eventually, I


Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances I've had to cancel my support for

Duke Special on Friday May 19th in Aberdeen so as I can make it to

Barcelona to support the Dresden Dolls on Saturday. Will try and make

it back to Aberdeen in the very near future. Sincere apologies, and

best wishes!

Also sorry to anyone who has posted recent messages or emails, it's just

near impossible with this near constant touring to keep on top of all of

this, but I appreciate your contact and will get back as soon as I'm


Weather in Wowtown: Strangely sunny with turtle pedals floating on the




ps: check out page 165 of the June issue of Dazed and Confused magazine!


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