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Supragod live at the Tunnels Sun 4th June

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Hello all! Supragod will be in your town shortly! hopefully you can pop along and see a band i believe to be one of the best live acts ive ever saw



Good Trashy Rock n roll, these boys sound like they can walk it like they talk it Martin Bate, XFM Scotland

Supragod biography

"Supragod sound like a heavier Backyard Babies with great melodies and imaginative guitar riffs"

Tove Stenqvist, Getrocked.net

"Supragod keeps the flag of Scandinavian rock in the highest position"

Thomas Olsson, Agony Zone

It would be fair to believe that the Scandinavian rock scene had it's prime time in the mid 90s with bands like Hellacopters, Gluecifer and Backyard Babies spreading their "action rock" all over the globe. But you couldn't be more wrong. A new generation is on its way to prove that the Scandinavian rock n roll served back then was just an opening for something even bigger. Supragod have made it very clear that this band will conquer and keep the pole position through the whole race. Starting out in January 2003 as a rock band just like any else Supragod soon realized that there was a huge demand of a rock act that was able to deliver that little extra, the thing that makes you jump and shake in a pure stream of rage, love and sweat. It became obvious already during the bands first couple of shows that this band could meet and even outdo those expectations. By adding a touch of hard rock to the basic kick ass punk songs and creating energy on stage so intense you could reach out and touch it with your hands Supragod found a new dimension in rock n roll that keeps attracting a fast growing audience.

Today Supragod is a well known and highly respected live act in Stockholm and the band are aiming high for the future. The latest EP "You Can't Bomb This" has received a great reception from both audience and media. The band will play lots of shows in both Sweden and UK during the upcoming year to support the EP and to keep Supragod the fastest growing independent rock band. The combination of great song writing and unique live performances is sure to make Supragod one of the most interesting up & coming rock acts of this century.

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