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23/04/06 - A Day In Black And White (USA)


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A Day In Black And White (USA)

dramatic indie rock with an influence from their screamo peers and an affinity with constellation records material. new lp, 'notes', just dropped on level-plane records so go check out that site to hear mp3s and what not.



If for some reason you don't know, Allergo have achieved the ideal mixture that 99% of bands are going for; part hardcore, part metalcore, a splash of grind and a dabble into the world of post rock. All delivered with passion, gusto and sass.



Twinkling indie rock soundscapes contorting around intricate guitarwork and rhythms, punctuated by driving melodies and topped off with a hefty wad of hooks. Avast! are technically and musically stunning. Featuring members of Stapleton (Gravity DIP)



The best thing to ever come out of Dundee and arguably Scotland. These stalwarts of the Dundee "scene" have honed their mastery of honest, moving, technical emo justice to perfection. Expect to be simultaneously humbled and destroyed.


The Fall Of Boss Koala

One goat, one tortoise, half a wolf, half a robot, an ermine stoat and a three legged greyhound. Isis & Envy vs. Mogwai & Funeral Diner in a no holds barred sissyfight outside a gay bar.


Westport Bar, Dundee

Sunday the 23rd of April

door tax is 4

doors are 8:30, first band at 9pm.

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