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Ballroom Blitz


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The "First Gig In Aberdeen" thread got me thinking about my first major gig.....AC/DC at an open-air festival at the Howard Park in Kilmarnock, back in '75. I was a bit too young to really appreciate it though.

Then I thought of my older sisters first gig and it was "The Sweet" at the Grand Hall in Killie back, early '73.

This gig has minor historical significance, coz there was a HUGE riot, owing to Sweet's abysmal performance and Andy Stewart (I think) got hit with a bottle.

The result of all this was the glam classic..."Ballroom Blitz".

I remember sis pointing out an interview with the band in Melody Maker or something and one of them saying that the tour had gone well, but some "Toughs" (great word!) had given them a hard time in Kilmarnock and that the song was written about the gig.

I was well pleased!!!

Anyone else got any gig-related trivia !!!!!!


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