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Guitarist looking for.....

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A'right people....

here's what I'm looking for...

I'm a lead guitarist who recently mooved here from Glasgow.

What I want is a band to jam and gig playing old Rock songs.

Ideally what I want to play is AC/DC, Judas Priest, The Cult, Maiden, KISS, Thin Lizzy, that

old rock kinda thing. Power Ballads, Rock Ballads are also cool.

I'd love to have atwin lead thing going. No competative BS!

Just people wantin' to play :band::rockon::band:

I would even play rockier side if Indy stuff. I just wanna play again.

I was looking for a band that plays these kind of covers.

I am well up for originals, but would want to jam covers to get

to know everyone and get together as a band (Wow..how cheesey

did that sound)

If that sounds cool, gimme a mail and we'll meet as I get to know

people better....i.e. :cheers:

Or we could Jam :)

(But a pint first would be cool)

Take it easy.


btw....if the spelling is wrong....tuff :)

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