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Drum Tutor Needed

Sonor 503

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I can recommend Nick Gibson from Sound Ideas (upstairs from Beans cafe, corner of Union Street and Rose st). He's an LGSM qualified tutor with years of practical gigging experience. Studio is fully equipped with electronic and acoustic kits, 12 per half hour lesson. His number is 620556.

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Guest texjamm
Hey' date=' Can any1 recommend a decent drum tutor. I've been drumming for just ovr 8 mths and I have decided that i should get some professional help.


Sorry don't quite understand......is the "professional help" required because you decided to take up drumming.....LOL! ;)

On a more serious note if you drop HughJazz a PM he will most likely be able to advise on good tutors as I have seen a couple of his posts covering this.

Cheers Mike

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