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3 songs from Bull Muzika


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Here you go! Three brand new rock songs from our E.P. "Bull Muzika". Let us know what you think, please!

Cataleptic - http://www.theincrediblesteelerectors.com/download.php?file=02-Cataleptic.mp3

C-rack - http://www.theincrediblesteelerectors.com/download.php?file=03-C-rack.mp3

Primetime - http://www.theincrediblesteelerectors.com/download.php?file=04-Primetime.mp3

/The Incredible Steel Erectors

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oh man. I generally don't expect much from local music simply labeled as "rock", but that first riff makes me thinkg of AtD-I. Not a bad start and a nice time-signature.

Kinda crazy vocals. No singing, as such, but sounds quite cool.

Recording is very nice. I'd be interested to know where it was done, how much it cost, etc.

Overall, pretty impressed, sounds very energetic.

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