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Scottish Country Band Wanted for Sweden Gig

Guest RockMonkey

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Guest RockMonkey

Hi folks, this is from my aunt who lives in Sweden...anyone know anyone who might be able to do this?

The Caledonian Society of Sweden holds a Burns Supper every year, Saturday 28th January 2006 will be the 30th anniversary - we thought it would be great to have live dance music (Scottish country - eightsome reel, dashing white sergeant, strip the willow etc etc). The room is not too big so at most 3 players - fiddle?, accordian?, there is a piano available. There will be about 90 guests in all - we have a dance leader so no need for the musicians to call out the tours. We will pay return flights (cheapest possible.....) and provide lodgings with our members. Ideally would be students/similar who would like some experience, get some travel and see Stockholm (although it will be winter, cold, dark ....) for free. The British Ambassador usually comes along - and probably the Japanese ambassador too (yes he and his son play the bagpipes!!) and it's a great night, although a wee bit formal at times.

let me know,


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Guest DustyDeviada

I'd be up for this, but only if they agree to pick me up from the airport in a Volvo, with Abba on the stereo, let me commit suicide, give me a sauna, and... um... [thinks for other Swedish cliches] feed me some of the vegetable swede.

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