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Timmins Tom

Hello my first post here from Canada

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Hello Craig, Laura and the Mooring Crew! I miss you all and especially miss the BEER, you can get Lager and Lager and more Lager in Candada. Nice as it is how I long for a Pint of something dark or cloudy :cheers: now and again.

I have been sailing the World since we last met, I will give you a couple of links where you can read my last ships diary and see pictures of the places I have been, and the other will show you a little of my adopted home town of Timmins, Northern Ontario.

Not a Pinball machine to be seen in the whole of Canada, have to do something about that before I get much older, but having way to much fun drinking the beer and chasing the Girls to worry about that. The music scene here is very good with a great mix from traditional to cutting edge, very good singers all around, but hardly surprising from the City that was to become home to Shania Twain. You can see that level of talent all about you in town and the girls are every bit as pretty eeek :kiss:

For pictures of where I live: http://www.shaniatwaincentre.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=60

For pictures and stories of my last two trips:


To all who know me, Cheers I raise my glass to you all, next time I am in Aberdeen I promise to look you all up.

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