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A Hawk and A Hacksaw (Leaf label)+Incite - Friday 1st July


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Interesting music are extremely proud & excited to be able to announce a fantastic last event b4 our holidays:-

A Hawk and A Hacksaw (New Mexico USA)

Incite (Germany)

Friday 1st July

Peacock Visual Arts Gallery (Right)

The Castlegate


Doors 8pm

Entry 5

Contact (01224)639539


From New Mexico, USA comes A HAWK AND A HACKSAW, a hugely entertaining and bewitching act who manages to meld traditional middle eastern with American folk and 21st Century atmospherics. Non-traditional world music for the digital age. This accordion wielding, mariachi loving, knob twiddling act is set to soundtrack this summer, when everyone is set to go GYPSY. A Hawk And A Hacksaw is an album recorded by Jeremy Barnes in Saumur, France, using a chicken, some geese, gongs, cats, a duck, spoons, pieces of tin and various melodic instruments. Its the result of sitting in the sun by the Loire reading Cervantes. Recalling Kurt Weill's orchestrations, Carl Stallings visionary cartoon soundtracks and Tom Waits more whimsical works, Mr Barnes creates a playfully gothic atmosphere with his multi-layered, frantic compositions. Mixing field recordings with accordion, piano and bursts of drunken choruses, he generates a singular and unnerving orchestral whole. A songs direction can hinge on a dogs bark or a phone ringing, while cacophony and sweet hymn-like harmonies cohabit in entertainingly unexpected passages. "I want to make music that tells a story without words, but I would like the story and images to be left to the listener. I have my own, inside my head, but they are not supposed to be on display." Influenced by everything from Eastern European folk music to Pierre Schaeffer to Spike Jones & his City Slickers, theres a healthy disregard for boundaries at play. A Hawk And A Hacksaw is a soundtrack for PT Barnum deceits and backwoods carnivals, top hats and curly moustaches, but maybe gone a little more screwy. What's more, everything you hear is live-to-tape. I don't really like effects, except for a little distortion here and there and maybe some tape echo... I much prefer natural, environmental sounds. They can actually be more bizarre than the effects on any audio program, if you pay attention to them. Mr Barnes may be best known as the drummer for Neutral Milk Hotel, a group whose two albums of distorted pop and homegrown orchestral balladry from 1995 and 1997 have had an immeasurable influence on the music scene of today. His next group, Bablicon, carried the idea of avant-garde percussion and improvisation to new amicable highs. He has also worked with Bright Eyes, Guignol, The Gerbils, and most recently, Broadcast. The strength of A Hawk And A Hacksaw lies in the incorporation of natural tones - birdsong, cat purrs, and patiently captured evidence of insect life - which inject the music with a bucolic sparkle -The Wire


INCITE (Germany)

As a co-operation of axiomatic integration and gradient communication Incite is an investigation in repetitive patterns and beats. While performing the commonly create sounds in abstract arrangements which oscilate from fragmented grooves to experimental soundscapes


Bring a cushion & bring a friend, this is going to be a very special night


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Thank you for sharing about A HAWK AND A HACKSAW! Their unique blend of traditional Middle Eastern music, American folk, and modern atmospherics sounds fascinating. I'm especially intrigued by the creative use of diverse instruments and field recordings. I'll definitely check out their album for some fresh and captivating summer tunes.

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