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next thursday night you should...

Guest stuartmaxwell

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Guest stuartmaxwell

come to dundee (no honestly)...

really good line up at the reading rooms in dundee

Hey Enemy- Colin & Chris from Dead or American plus others. Kick-ass riffs in the vein of Helmet, fu manchu & Drive Like Jehu.

someyoungpedro - 3 guys making great Shellac/Fighting Red Adair/oxes vibes. Washing machine parts for cymbals. Ballsy as fuck live show- one of the best new bands in scotland.

Morse Code is for Amatuers - two piece band from glasgow. Guitar and drums. been compared to Youth movie soundtrack strategies and shellac. Big dysfunctional riffs & kick-yer-arse drums.

Findo Gask - backward Fifers making pretty music somewhere between Sonic Youth & Mogwai with "proper" song structures & "nice" melodies. Two news songs.

This is on a Thurdsay at the Reading Rooms (pre-Felt) & is 3 to get in. Doors at 8pm. club afterwards is a lot of fun and plays good music (apparently) :)

megabus to dundee costs a quid and im sure we could sort out some accommodation somehwre

pm if interested in coming

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Guest stuartmaxwell

here was me thinking this would be as popular as my minds weapon

:p (that was a joke)

however, even if a few fowk come down it would be dead cool. we played in edinburgh the other night to some very confused people who were into cheesy pop music- ho ho ho what a disaster :)

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