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  1. Looking for people to start a band with! Aged 18 and lead guitarist, need another guitarist, bassist and drummer. Currently have a vocalist under contact but still open to others. Would like to have younger members, aged 14-22 preferably, but I don't really care that much. Been playing recently with various people recently but just to jam and practice Just really looking to start making music in a group and hopefully make an album. Couldn't care for experience or anything. Also don't have any rehearsal space atm Influences include Deftones/Radiohead/Tool/Chevelle/Asking Alexandrea/Nirvana/Linkin Park and others in those genres Can message here or send an email via callumdundee@gmail.com
  2. Hey Looking to start a band from scratch within Aberdeen. Inexperienced skill level preferred, beginners welcome and under 20's preferred. Looking to find members who are relatively new to playing music as a whole, those who are looking to improve through practising in a band. I play lead guitar, all instruments including a 2nd guitarist are required. Influences include Nirvana, Korn, Deftones, Radiohead, Bush, RHCP, Bloodhound Gang, Linkin Park Any messages regarding possible meet up's/practise sessions/rehearsal sessions would be great if you're interested. Those who are of a higher skill level would still be considered if you're looking to join regardless. Thanks
  3. Hey man, just wondering if this thread is still available. Any preferences on age, skill level e.t.c? Get back to me if you read this Thanks
  4. Hey man, know this is a late reply but if you're still looking for band members then I'm up for it, I can play guitar, either lead or rhythm depending on preference Do you have any preferences on age, skill level e.t.c. I
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