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  1. @lukewrightpoet Hope your daemon shows up soon, Luke.

  2. @scottish_water Hi, we've noticed our supply is very weak in the AB41 region. Do you know if there are any problems? Thanks.

  3. Just been re-listening to last year's winner of #Eurovision - I'd forgotten that it's genuinely a really good song.… https://t.co/pMufPl1u3e

  4. The only sense in which Trump deserves the peace prize is that he's kept his hands off the big red button thus far.… https://t.co/m54Btg9ia1

  5. @Official_T4O @DBestseventy2 Congratulations! You’re the millionth person to make that joke on Twitter!

  6. Wahey, well done @ezracollective - jazz act of the year!

  7. @Hoidy When I started supporting Celtic in 1984, Aberdeen were the best team in Scotland!

  8. @TheOrielles @Lee_Spoons I see! I'm off for another listen on Spotify. Will you be up in the north of Scotland any time soon?

  9. Want to read about that time I dared to turn up to school in black jeans? You do? Great, click this link -> https://t.co/0G5GwysrOy

  10. @wh_86 Why 70 years especially? We went down to the third tier in 1987 too. Aye, you were still in nappies the last… https://t.co/BZtD2uuH1U

  11. Both Craig Ferguson and Bruce Morton in Still Game tonight. The early 90s TV stand up revival starts here!

  12. #CunkOnBritain rewards viewers with a good knowledge of British history, that’s one of the best things about it. Excellent stuff.

  13. Limmy’s Homemade Show - wasn’t quite “gie’s yer jaikit” was it?

  14. Wonder who's on the panel for scripted comedy at BAFTA? Strange they've overlooked Detectorists, Inside No.9 and D… https://t.co/3sCjV13YcP

  15. . @brokentv 100% white men there apart from Gillian Gilbert, Candida Doyle and the drummer from The Libertines. Wow!

  16. @Moggzukic17 what kind of duck?

  17. @Iettertodaddy @bradleygbooth Ah, sorry.

  18. RT @steviemacuk: Owning a person used to be socially acceptable too. https://t.co/qxyOxSlwMV

  19. @leepg I have my first one, October 1981, stored on my Sky Box for nostalgia :)

  20. @En_kindle Er, that would be Zandra Rhodes.

  21. . @tfMichael1892 For someone who claims to write a Newcastle United fanzine, why are nearly all your tweets about #safc ?

  22. Still Game might have gambled a bit using Gina Lollobrigida in the script tonight. Twitter suggests that 90% of the… https://t.co/B2FSLEWlN2

  23. RT @GaryDelaney: RIP Sir Ken Dodd. One of the all time greats. The funeral will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday.

  24. Been loving Bridget Christie's Utopia series on @BBCRadio4 - you should too! https://t.co/SOb02dLFBO

  25. @billrobertson55 Sounds had gone by the time I started reading. Used to borrow Melody Maker but never liked it as much as NME.

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