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  1. Hi, Looking to work for a living and join a band simultaneously! Currently in on several musical projects , in a band in Aberdeen playing drums and singing backing (loud), sing in a duo (quiet) and do some session drumming for a few folks too (jam/recording). I know quite a few covers and am building up a bit of a repertoire in both drums and vocals. I can read and play by ear and generally learn fast just because it's what I do the majority of the time.All the rest of the time I work in a school but alas it doesn't pay well enough so I thought I'd see if there are any covers bands out there looking for any additional members, so I can do what I love AND what I think I'm good at ? I currently live outside New Pitsligo but I'm not limited to playing in this area or just in certain venues around the place. Thanks for looking, p.s If you want to hear some recordings of me playing drums in previous bands or of me singing I can send you some mp3's.
  2. This is the type I've already got. Thanks anyway!
  3. Anyone got a responable electro-acoustic about? Wouldnt have to be anything too special just something i can hav a bit of fun with with my loop station. Thanks.
  4. looking for a decent crash. Will consider sets also but would have to be decent make. Starting to gig again soon so cant just keep borrowing one and hence the need for a decent one!
  5. Hi, I recently met a girl called Beth Black , she playes guitar and has an awsome voice on a punk rock meets malcom middleton kinda vibe.I'm Jazz I play drums and also sing if physically possible in a punky meets metal style , but my music taste is pretty wide ranging and experimental (Im into 3 part harmonies at the moment) So we want to start a band! -If you play bass or guitar and have a punk rock kind of leaning then message me so we can arrange some sort of jam or drink or both! Boys and girls welcome! Jazz.
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